Success Stories

"As you know, I’ve just started college, and I’ve been testing out all I’ve learned in Unshakable swagger and the conversation blueprint. In the first three weeks, I’ve had more success in going out and meeting new people than I’ve had in my years of high school! I’ve had tons of success just by going out there and being social, and I couldn’t have done it without receiving the value you gave me not just in Keeping conversations going, but also from the first half of your conversations blueprint (the conversation crash course and your starting conversations course)."

Michael L, United States

"Unshakable Swagger is the real deal. At first I was looking for a quick fix with instant results to become happier. Not only was that not the answer but only the tip of the ice berg compared to how far and in depth Unshakable Swagger will go. I am a very skeptical person and have to see it to believe it. After reading several pages and becoming hooked I realized how much it related to me. Certain points in the book made me stop and reminisce on certain points in my life because Byron perfectly described some of the most unforgettable awkward moments in my life, it was actually pretty painful to think about haha. Even for future occasions when I feel like I should retreat due to low confidence that day or what ever, I now cannot because I have to disprove a whole strong alpha male type mentality that has been drilled into my head from this book literally disproving all of my old flawed insecure logic, it is awesome. Seriously Byron, thank you."

Brian S., United States

"i finished reading your book today sadly.. it was enlightening, seriously i applied everything in the book on myself for the past few months and dramatic changes have happened. i can't thank you enough for this book it changed my life. it was like "how to be a successful human 101" this is coming from an 18 year old guy who lives in iraq. i just wanted you to know that i recommended your book to everyone who wanted to improve themselves, online and in real life. your book is an absolute must read for success in seduction, life, and being social. i really am happy with the changes that i did to myself, and the reactions I'm getting. every book you mentioned is on my reading list now. hopefully you'll make a second part of your book someday (my fingers are crossed). and i got all of that from you. your book was exactly what i needed after struggling with depression. again thank you.  your confident fan and friend, Seever."

Seever, Iraq

“As far back as I can remember, I always had a hard time starting conversations, keeping them going, and just not really knowing how to talk to people.  I always had this feeling that other people thought I was weird or boring or something.  I even got to a point where I didn't even want to go out anymore.  I started to wonder if I would be alone forever.  I figured, “what’s the point of even trying anymore?”

But Byron changed all of that for me.  He didn’t only teach me the exact words to say for starting conversations and keep them going.  He also taught me how to think and gave me strategies I could use to handle any conversation I got into.  I learned how to dig into another person's world and really connect with them.  This one skill alone began to change my life.  Not to mention all the other great material in this course.

I remember that I was still a little nervous the first few times I went out and started talking to people, but that only lasted a little while.  I eventually found myself talking to other people like a normal person.  There was even this one time where my buddy's girlfriend started making fun of him for not being as good of a talker as me.  And that was the moment I realized that I had finally gotten good at conversations.

I am so thankful that I found Byron.  I looked around for a long time trying to find this type of help.  My life has gotten so much better and it was all because I learned how to talk to people.  Kind of crazy when you think about it.  Is that really all it took?  Sure feels like it.

Thanks man for everything you taught me.  I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for you.

I guess I will end with, if you are looking for conversation training that will have you talking to people right away, you need to check this stuff out.  It will change your life.”

Nic A., Jacksonville, FL

"I've read just 45 pages from your book and I have to say, asking you to give me your book is one of the best things I've done in a really long time. Your pieces of advice are so profound and on a higher level compared to other books I've read on this topic and I am seriously considering memorizing the parts about Power of Tension and Salvaging a Broken Heart. My initial thought when I saw that the book has 200 pages was that I am going to finish it in about three or four days but now I don't know when I am going to finish it, I just find so many things I don't know and I must apply in my life, and now I realize this learning process will take patience and as you said it, commitment."

Cornel C., United States

"Unshakable Swagger is my new communication bible.  I started reading it for the confidence info...but there is SO MUCH MORE than that.  I love both the profound principles and the super-effective techniques for feeling better about yourself AND communicating like a master conversationalist.  Fantastic stuff on Inner Game and Outer Game.  It addresses the invisible, energetic side of it, as well as the tangible, physical side.  Big picture and small details.  I was pretty good with conversations before reading, and since reading, I have grown leaps and bounds practically overnight.  The principles and concepts regarding psychology and communication are unbelievably powerful.  The techniques are easy to understand and have grown my social awareness tremendously.  I am working in sales, and since I started reading this book and applying its info, I have unintentionally risen to number one in sales in my joyfully, authentically, and effortlessly connecting with customers.  This is not just a must-read for me, but a must-read again and again and again."

Chris C., Los Angeles, CA

Thank you so much for your book it changed my life. I really liked how you break down for me what confidence is not, and get at the root of the problem. And it's unlike any other pieces I've read that tell you to fake it till you make it or are more focused on getting girls, cars, and money. It taught me that my confidence is independent of others. My favorite part by far was definitely your explanation of not attaching your confidence to anything like clothes, groups, etc. I'm 21 and for the first time in my life, I'm starting to feel like a man and it's because of your book. I can't thank you enough."

Spencer B., DePaul