Start Conversations With Anyone And Never Worry About Screwing Up And Getting Rejected Again

"New Course Shows the Exact Step-by-Step Process for Starting Conversations with People You Don't Know (Read on to Find Out What Actually WORKS - Even if You Are TERRIFIED of Approaching Others)..."


Have you ever...

  • Felt afraid of approaching strangers because you knew you'd get rejected?
  • Been unable to get a conversation flowing - and you quickly run out of ideas seconds after meeting someone new?
  • Felt like no one wants anything to do with you - and that's why you're often ignored?
  • Been told you need to join clubs, teams, groups, etc. to make friends...and yet still haven't met anyone?
  • Felt like you can't break into if everyone already has their little clique and there's no room for you?
  • Gotten stuck in small talk or empty social rituals ("Hi how are you?" "Good." .........)
  • Had deep-seated expectations that people don't want to interact with you...and that once people get to know you, they stop being friendly?
  • Not known the right words to say when approaching someone new?
  • Been afraid of screwing up and offending someone when you walk up to meet them?

I struggled with every single one of those things for years.

Instead of being able to have FUN and ENJOY myself socializing, I felt like everyone I talked to was judging everything I said.

In fact, you can probably relate to this...

Why is it So Hard to Get a Conversation Going Meeting Someone New?

Have you ever been at a party and saw someone you wanted to talk to but didn't know what to say?

There you are clutching your red dixie cup, trying not to make it obvious.

You throw some glances their way...part of you hoping they see you and smile...part of you hoping they don't because that would actually be kind of terrifying.

Then you grab some food. Or refill your drink. Or open your phone and check for new messages. Or do anything else to "look busy."

But you're not busy. All you can think about is somehow meeting this person.

You need to do something.

So you shuffle over closer to them, hoping they don't notice you.

And as you finish up your little stealth approach dance and get closer to their part of the room...

Your body starts acting pretty weird.

For some reason, you stop breathing. For some reason, you're sweating. And for some irritating reason your mouth has gone dry.

But you're not thinking about these things. Your only thought (that's been pounding your head over and over again for the past 30 seconds) is:

"What the hell do I say?!"

And you picture yourself trying to say hello. And you see them with this ugly, wrinkled up look on their face - like you are the most annoying, awkward creature to have ever graced them with your presence.

And at this point, you're feeling REALLY tempted to just walk away and try again later. They'll still be there later, right? Maybe if you had a little more to drink, you'd feel more confident.

But suddenly there THEY are. Right next to you. Staring at you.

Now's your chance. Say something.

But don't say something awkward or weird. Or creepy.

Just say something cool. Just get the conversation rolling. Just be funny. Just be smart.

So you say something.

And it's strange because it feels like a disembodied voice. Like you didn't even say it. Like someone else said it for you.

Sure enough, it's the same thing you always say. And you know it's lame and boring and super safe but it's all your brain can give you.

But you've opened the door. They have to say something back now. You're going to have at least a few minutes to chat, right?


But what do they do?

How do they respond to your little introduction?

That's right...

They flash that FAKE smile - the one you know people use when they're really just patronizing you...

And then as quickly as that fake smile fades away, their shoulders shrug. Their entire body seems to shrivel up...

Their eyebrows furrow...

Their eyes shoot up and to the left...

They lean away from you and twist to the side, no longer facing you...

And they've said something to you, but honestly, you have so many thoughts buzzing through your head you didn't even hear them.

And by now, they've completely spun around away from you.

And they're already engaging with another person.

Their entire face lights up now. Maybe it's real. Maybe it's a defense mechanism - like if they look really excited to be talking to someone else, you won't keep bothering them.

But it doesn't matter.

You've screwed everything up again.

Time to go home.

The Right Formula for Starting Conversations so Others Have No Choice But to Like You

That was me at just about every party I went to.

Well, the ones when I actually managed to open my mouth.

Most of the time, I would just be standing alone in the corner.

I had no idea how to start conversations. I had no idea how to meet people. I felt like I was the outsider, looking in on this weird ritual people could easily do.

While everyone else was having the time of their lives, chatting away, laughing...I was watching. Because for me, what was the point in trying if I was just going to get shut down?

Reality is, you don't have to struggle like this talking to other people. Instead, you can make them want to open up to you and trust you within a few seconds. You can discover how much fun it is to see someone you want to meet, know what to say, and walk up and talk to them.

The reason why it's so difficult to get a conversation started with someone new is because there are subtle things you're saying or doing (or NOT saying or doing) that are wrecking your chances before you even get going.

And this shows up in Closed Events (when you're invited to attend) and Open Environments (when you're out in public).

So you need two separate strategies: one that works in closed events and one that works in open environments. Both require two completely different sets of skills.

For closed events, there are 3 steps to getting a conversation started correctly. You need a strong opener, 3 versatile questions you can ask at any second to drive the conversation forward, and finally, listening for window words (key words we listen for to transition into new topics). Once you've gotten those down, your conversations will begin effortlessly every single time.

For open environments, there are 3 skills necessary to meet people you don't know out in public. They are Visual Acuity (paying attention to details before you walk up and introduce yourself - and knowing specifically which details to look for), Verbalizing Your Thoughts (learning how to speak AS you think instead of AFTER you think), and Effortless Action (combining the 1st two skills together for easy introductions).

As soon as you understand both environments and the subtle (and not so subtle) distinctions between them, you'll be ready to completely fix your problems with starting conversations.

"OK Great - You Can Help Me Out. But That's What They All Say, Byron. Why Should I Trust You?"

I AM that guy who went to parties standing alone clutching a beer, hoping and praying someone would talk to me. I'd be stuck in my head, trying to think of something clever to say, and by the time I blurted anything out, I would get instantly ignored or rejected.

In FACT I remember going to a fraternity party in college that was so brutally humiliating I ended up alone in a ditch crying.

So when it comes to knowing every single mistake a person can possibly make when it comes to striking up conversations and trying to meet new people, I'm the freakin' KING.

But the way I was able to get over all of my mistakes and learn how to start conversations properly was by meeting people who were actually really really good at doing this. (Surprise, surprise I know.)

But here's the key thing: I didn't learn from people who were always good at this kind of thing.

I learned from people who once sucked at it just like I did.

That way, as they were teaching me, they knew exactly what I was thinking and feeling every step of the way. They could relate to me - and I felt like they knew the road ahead because they had been down it before.

And once you have someone like that in your life, pointing out the road ahead, everything gets so much easier.


Starting Conversations 101

The Ultimate Gameplan for meeting new people and striking up conversations without being nervous, awkward, or weird.

This is a HIGHLY-DETAILED video course about overcoming your fear of approaching strangers and getting past rejection.

Course Breakdown


  • 5 Key Mindsets that DESTROY any mental blocks that stand between you and starting conversations
  • How to REWIRE your brain to get good at talking to people you've just met...FAST
  • An EARTH-SHATTERING EPIPHANY about transforming any embarrassing mistake you make when meeting someone new into something that helps you get better at it!
  • A critical mental shift that will enable you to feel like no one is ever "out of your league" again
  • "You are the Initiator" Belief Exercise: a fast-moving "inner game" process that radically transforms your confidence in walking up to complete strangers
  • The secret reason most people are afraid to start conversations with strangers (and how to give yourself permission to BLAST right through this BS)


  • 3 Versatile Questions you will want to use to give your conversation a nice, easy push that gets it going
  • A DETAILED 3 Step Blueprint for starting conversations in closed events that works every single time - no matter where you go!
  • My 8 Word Opener...Upgraded!: learn how to use the same exact 8 words over and over again until meeting new people becomes EFFORTLESS!
  • What to say right after you identify a "Window Word" that will quickly ROCKET your conversations from small talk to meaningful connections
  • An Old "Nintendo Technique" for resetting a conversation any time you hit a dead end and don't know what to say next
  • How to Master the Art of Starting Conversations through targeted, mistake-focused practice - get the inside scoop on what I do to strategically get better at starting conversations


  • Word for Word Examples of exactly what to say when approaching someone you don't know so your conversation gets started with a BANG
  • A Golden Invitation for striking up conversations you can pick up on to easily say hello to a stranger in a low key, low pressure way (HINT: it involves reading their eyes!)
  • 2 BOLD-FACE LIES we're told growing up that sabotage our ability to meet and connect with new people (and how to "reprogram" your mind for confidence)
  • How to pickup on tiny details most people don't see that give you a HUGE ADVANTAGE of knowing what to say to strangers
  • The #1 biggest and most subtle sign someone wants to meet you RIGHT NOW
  • The Secret Formula for striking up a conversation that flows perfectly every time (even if you have no idea what to say)
  • Wu Wei: how to combine an Ancient Chinese Philosophy with approaching strangers that will put you into a SUPER RELAXED, CHILL state (and leave others wondering why you're so friggan calm and collected all the time!)
  • How to improve your spontaneity so you can be more naturally outgoing and talkative - leading you to meeting more people than you ever thought possible


  • My Fear Inversion Plan: how to reverse your brain’s relationship to fear so you actually WANT to approach strangers
  • 2 Magic Words you will want to use over and over again that will get you to SNAP into ACTION and AUTOMATICALLY strike up conversations with new people (no matter how much Approach Anxiety you face!)
  • The Hidden Solution for Overcoming Fear: the secret, PRIMAL way to deal with fear few people know about that is WEIRDLY effective
  • The King Pose: a fun and powerful body language adjustment you can make to instantly feel more in control and at ease
  • My Fear Catalyst System: a proven process that walks you through every block you have with approaching and meeting new people step by step (most of my clients use this unique process in EVERY phase of their life and get fantastic results!)
  • A Master Class on How the Body Responds to Fear: you’ll learn the science behind WHY you get stuck with anxiety and what to do about it


  • Power Review: understand every concept in the course in one fast moving review session
  • The 4 Keys of Purposeful Practice: Anders Ericsson's 4 keys to strategically master your social skills - and how to rapidly boost your confidence for life
  • How to practice your conversations in a LASER-FOCUSED way for FAST improvement and results
  • My "3 a Day Challenge": a simple and easy routine that I used to automatically and naturally get really damn good at approaching strangers

...And this is just a tiny preview of what you're going to learn in this transformative course.

Does This Actually Work?

Before we go any further, read what Michael says about this course right here:

"Cliché As This May Sound… Your Work Has Not Only Transformed Me, it Unlocked Me"

"At first, I thought that your starting conversations course wouldn’t really be that useful – “you already taught us that in the conversation crash course. Starting the conversation isn’t hard.”

But I was wrong, although I had been testing out your material for 3 weeks straight (and finding MASSIVE social success), life threw me a setback and I stopped socializing as much for a while. It took a few days to build up the courage & habit to keep meeting people again, but watching the videos in your starting conversations course helped me to get out there again.

I immersed myself in testing out your content during the first three weeks, just meeting new people in my college, finding out about their passions and gradually (but quickly) building up my network by meeting new people, introducing the new people I meet, and then being introduced to their circle of friends. Having this set of social skills gave me MASSIVE confidence – “I can actually go out and talk to anyone I want and the worst that can happen is that I get ignored, or walked away from” (though neither of these has happened to me with any of the people I’ve met – it’s just irrational fear). Yet most of the time people actually WELCOME my approach! This was amazing! Now I’ve internalized that the benefits of socializing outweigh the fears.

Having this skillset let me realize “I may not be the best at everything, but I can meet, connect, and draw people who are the best in their field to me and build strong friendships with them.” And even further, your content ingrained the belief in me that, even without my network, I AM ENOUGH.

There’s so many benefits I can’t even begin to describe or list them all! I’ve been drawn out of my comfort zone, expanded my horizons, and tested my limits. Having this area of my life go so well has led me to push myself in other areas of my life as well and it just followed the law of increasing returns!

Just having this skillset down is not only improving me as a person, it’s actually TRANSFORMING the person I am today and the way I relate to the world – and I LOVE the new me. This skillset has given me the freedom to go after my goals and passions with full force and without shame - I know I can handle any social resistance that gets thrown my way – AND I can now rally and win people to my side because you’ve taught me how to “dig into their world,” add value to them, understand them, and vibe with them… and those people want to do the same back to me.

To reinforce my belief: A high school friend I hadn’t seen in a bit over two months got in touch with me recently and told me that I had changed, and that he thinks I seem more energetic and alive.

Thank you so much, Byron. Your content is so profound and so organized in a way that makes socializing EASY and NATURAL if I just practice what you’ve given me. Your course has given me the TOOLS to speak confidently and express myself in any situation, often effortlessly.

Cliché as this may sound… your work has not only transformed me, it unlocked me. And I’m just getting started.

Stay awesome, Byron. Can’t wait for your next videos."

United States

Is This Course For Me?

This is a Beginner-Intermediate level course.

If you are already natural with meeting new people and striking up conversations, this program is NOT for you.

However, this course is for you if you struggle with the fear of approaching people at parties, networking events, small gatherings, and out in public. And it will be help you BIG time if you don't know what to say, what you're doing wrong, or why your conversations stall as soon as you meet someone new.

This program is absolutely for you if you're sick and tired of:

  • Feeling afraid of screwing up when walking up to talk to someone new
  • Being extremely nervous and anxious when you see someone you want to meet (instead of relaxed and confident)
  • Having deep-seated expectations that no one wants to interact with you
  • Knowing you once interacted with people on a much more regular basis in high school or college and now can't meet anyone no matter how hard you try
  • Getting stuck in your head trying to figure out what to say instead of impulsively approaching

And more importantly...

  • Having no clue how to strike up a conversation and as a result, avoiding public events, bars, clubs, etc. instead of growing your social circle

If you've had ENOUGH of all this CRAP, and you are ready to PERMANENTLY change the way you meet other people, you are ready for the next level.

So What is This Worth to You?

Think about this:

When was the last time you met someone new, started up an engaging conversation for well over 30 minutes, and got their phone number so you could hang out in the future?

If you're not able to regularly do this, you're probably doing something WRONG.

And you know what? That is OK. I've been there and it SUCKS.

Being able to do this is a HUGE deal. It's what makes the difference between those who can have a good time going out to socialize and those who can't.

Can you really afford to keep trying to figure this out on your own?

Isn't that what you've been doing this whole time?

It's like going into battle with no strategy - sure you might make some things happen...but couldn't you get a lot more done if you had a WORKING GAMEPLAN?

What if every time you saw someone you wanted to approach, you knew exactly what to say and how to introduce yourself?

What if you could vary your approach based on the person and context you were in...guaranteeing you always knew how to handle any given situation?

How much would that be worth to you?

Could you even put a price on it? Because this opens you up to meet people LITERALLY EVERYWHERE you go - in every city, state, and country.

So how much does this cost?

Right now you can get this program for $99.97. That's it.

Over the course of a year, this program is only going to cost you 27 cents a day.

Isn't being able to start conversations that actually work worth more to you than 27 cents a day? Especially after using the principles and techniques I'm going to teach you in this course and getting fast results?

It's Not Enough to Just Get "Good" Results with This. I Want You to Permanently WEED OUT Every Single Flaw You Experience with Starting Conversations. So You're Also Getting This  Workbook TOTALLY FREE

Mind & Hands-On Training Workbook

I'm positive you're going to get a ton of value from just watching the videos alone, but just to be extra sure you have the tools to get out there and really make this work, I'm giving you this powerful workbook too. This has been designed for you to PERFECT the skill of meeting new people and eliminate every single little problem you have stopping you from starting engaging conversations.

This works BOTH on your mindset and on your technique to make darn sure you become unstoppably confident with nailing all of the concepts down.

AND on Top of that I Want to Make DAMN Sure You Have the Confidence to Not Just Try What I'm Teaching You But to Get Lasting Results That Transform You into a New Person. So I'm Giving You These GIGANTIC BONUSES Too

BONUS #1: Unshakable Swagger

This book is your complete field guide for dramatically overhauling your social confidence and charisma. It teaches you how to strategically build your confidence and sidestep the BS of fluffy "feel-good" advice saturating the market.

After reading Unshakable Swagger, you will possess the kind of rock-solid confidence other men secretly envy. You'll learn how to use your own natural personality to give off a "WOW" factor when other people meet you and transcend any limiting doubts, fears, or anxieties permanently.

Any time you start to feel like you're not confident enough, capable enough, worthy enough, good enough, strong enough...or just plain "ENOUGH" in general, crack open this book and you will instantly start shutting these lame inner demons down and feeling 10x better.

I stand by this book because I poured everything I had into writing it. You're not just getting some insanely good advice on naturally building confidence. You're getting my entire journey of pain, torment, and exasperation as I struggled to overcome my massive insecurities.

I've had tons of people tell me I need to charge more money for this than I do. And yet I'm giving it to you FOR FREE.

"Your Pieces of Advice Are So Profound and On a Higher Level Compared to Other Books"

"I've read just 45 pages from your book and I have to say, asking you to give me your book is one of the best things I've done in a really long time. Your pieces of advice are so profound and on a higher level compared to other books I've read on this topic and I am seriously considering memorizing the parts about Power of Tension and Salvaging a Broken Heart. My initial thought when I saw that the book has 200 pages was that I am going to finish it in about three or four days but now I don't know when I am going to finish it, I just find so many things I don't know and I must apply in my life"

United States

"I Am a Very Skeptical Person and Have to See it To Believe It..."

"Unshakable Swagger is the real deal. At first I was looking for a quick fix with instant results to become happier. Not only was that not the answer but only the tip of the ice berg compared to how far and in depth Unshakable Swagger will go. I am a very skeptical person and have to see it to believe it. After reading several pages and becoming hooked I realized how much it related to me. Certain points in the book made me stop and reminisce on certain points in my life because Byron perfectly described some of the most unforgettable awkward moments in my life, it was actually pretty painful to think about haha. Even for future occasions when I feel like I should retreat due to low confidence that day or what ever, I now cannot because I have to disprove a whole strong alpha male type mentality that has been drilled into my head from this book literally disproving all of my old flawed insecure logic, it is awesome. Seriously Byron, thank you."

United States

"I Can't Thank You Enough for This Book. It Changed My Life."

"i finished reading your book today sadly.. it was enlightening, seriously i applied everything in the book on myself for the past few months and dramatic changes have happened. i can't thank you enough for this book it changed my life. it was like "how to be a successful human 101" this is coming from an 18 year old guy who lives in iraq. i just wanted you to know that i recommended your book to everyone who wanted to improve themselves, online and in real life. your book is an absolute must read for success in seduction, life, and being social. i really am happy with the changes that i did to myself, and the reactions I'm getting. every book you mentioned is on my reading list now. hopefully you'll make a second part of your book someday (my fingers are crossed). and i got all of that from you. your book was exactly what i needed after struggling with depression. again thank you."


BONUS #2: Instant Connection

Have you ever wanted to know how to create FAST connections with other people so they feel comfortable around you? What if you could generate the feeling of having known someone a long time within just a few minutes of meeting them...without even saying anything?

This 22 minute audio is the ultimate crash course in building trust and comfort with another person. Listen to this and you'll learn how to not only build rapport with them but how to naturally and effortlessly inspire them to open up to you.

This is an absolute necessity for you in your journey to mastering the art of conversation. If you've ever struggled with connecting to others, this is exactly what you've been looking for.

With All of This At Your Disposal, Your Problems with Starting Conversations Are History. But That's STILL NOT GOOD ENOUGH. So I'm Giving You This Too...

If you're still thinking about this, let me make sure to mention that you have NOTHING to RISK by purchasing this course.

You still get these:

1) Starting Conversations 101 Videos

2) Starting Conversations 101 Workbook

3) Unshakable Swagger Book

4) Instant Connection Audio


This course is backed by my Iron-clad 30 Day Guarantee...

My Iron-clad 30 Day Guarantee to You

I guarantee you will NOT find a better program out there on Starting Conversations. But if for any reason you do not see a measurable increase in your conversation skills or are in any way unsatisfied with your investment, I am HAPPY to IMMEDIATELY refund your money.

You have 30 full days to test out what I teach and see if it works for you. If your social life does not IMMEDIATELY improve after watching this course, I will send you back your investment in FULL - no questions asked.

I don't put anything out there that isn't the VERY BEST in what it does. I worked really really really hard putting this stuff together to make sure it not only works perfectly for you...but that it is also easy to remember and fun when you're trying it.

I know anyone can talk a good game...and that's why I want my guarantee to back it up.

I believe this program is the exact thing you've been looking for to fix your problems starting conversations. I just wish I had known this stuff a long time ago!

What You Get

5 Jam Packed Videos (2 1/2+ Hours of Content)

Learn how to get conversations rolling quickly without being ignored, judged, or rejected. As you complete each video, your ability to naturally introduce yourself to people you don't know will increase and the fear and anxiety you once felt meeting new people will disappear.

Mind & Hands-On Training Workbook

Fix any problem or sticking point in your interactions by mastering the "Inner Game" and the "Outer Game" of starting conversations. This workbook will accelerate your results and get you well on your way QUICKLY.

Unshakable Swagger

Get an ebook copy of my book Unshakable Swagger: The Man's Guide to Being Confident Any Time, Any Place...Period. Read this book to annihilate your insecurity, anxiety, and fear to transform into the powerful, confident man all women want.

Instant Connection

Listen to this potent 22 minute audio and you'll learn how to create powerful, fast connections when you meet new people. The ultimate crash course in building trust and comfort with another person.

30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

Get my Iron-Clad guarantee that promises a full refund if for any reason you don't see huge improvements in your conversation skills.

Hold On...I'm Going to Sweeten the Deal if You're One of The Next 100 to Buy This...

If you're one of the next 100 people to purchase this course, I'm going to give you one more HUGE BONUS for being an early customer and loyal supporter.

Instead of paying $99.97 for this course, you will pay only $99.97 $49.97!

Why am I doing this? What's the catch?

There's really not a catch. I just thought maybe you could help me out...

The price is so low (for now) because I want a testimonial from you! After you finish the course, tell me what you think. I want to hear from you.

I'm charging you less than what I know it's worth because I'm looking to hear a lot of stories from a lot of people very quickly. By lowering the price, I'm opening this up to more people and (therefore) more feedback. I read every single email I get and love seeing all of the ways my products are changing people's lives.

So the next 100 people that buy this will get it at a special price of $49.97.

WARNING: these will go REALLY FAST so hurry and grab yours now before the price goes up.

Remember: you have nothing to lose with this. You have 30 days to test out the course, see if it truly helps you, and see for yourself if it lives up to what I'm saying here.

$99.97 $49.97

Beginner to Intermediate


How many more times do you want to see everyone else around you having super engaging conversations and having a really good time connecting while you're just standing there with a drink in your hand...alone?

How many more times do you want to be talking with someone new but just run out of things to say after two minutes...and just find an excuse to walk away so it doesn't look any worse?

And how much longer do you really want to be afraid of rejection...and miss out on meeting new people while so many others are able to connect so easily?

It doesn't have to be this way.

I used to think I was hopeless. Like there was no chance in the world for someone like me to get over these problems.

But once I started doing and saying what you're about to learn in this course...everything just CLICKED for me.

And I began to realize that even though I had a long ways to go...I could at least put myself out there.

And if I could put myself out there, I could at least open my mouth, meet new people, and keep the conversation going long enough to make some sort of connection.

And once I started doing that...and trying more and more of these techniques...and getting better every single time I went out to socialize...I began to discover that I actually belonged.

That I can be just as normal as everyone else...and in fact...

I realized I could be BETTER than most people in striking up conversations.

Because most people will have never even heard of 10% of the information in this course.

But you will.

And once you have that first conversation with someone new and things just flow between you.. and you realize you can do this over and over again with as many people as you want to...

You're going to get ADDICTED to striking up conversations.

I'll see you on the other side,



Remember: the $49.97 offer is valid for the next 100 customers ONLY. After that, the price will go up. So don't dilly dally and come back to this later because you will probably be paying more! Take action now!

$99.97 $49.97

Beginner to Intermediate