How to Keep Conversations Going Longer and Get Rid of Awkward Silence Forever

"Brand New Course Reveals the Exact Words You Need to Use for Keeping a Conversation Going (Read on to Discover What Actually WORKS - Even if You Routinely Wind Up in Awkward Silence)..."


Let me ask you a few questions. Have you ever...

  • Struggled with what to say in order to keep a conversation going?
  • Had a hard time connecting with someone else because you felt like you had nothing in common with them?
  • Felt REGRET for saying the WRONG thing in a conversation and allowing it to crash and burn?
  • Felt even the tiniest bit INTIMIDATED by authoritative people and totally shut down, unable to say much of anything at all?
  • Read a bunch of articles and watched a lot of videos on talking to other people but felt like nothing was REAL or PRACTICAL advice that would actually work in REALITY?
  • Gotten trapped in your own head, not knowing what to say next, afraid of being JUDGED or CRITICIZED - and ended up just sounding BORING?
  • Not found the right balance between talking about yourself and talking about the other person?
  • Gotten STUCK in small talk...unable to transition to more serious topics?
  • Been unable to open up and truly let your personality loose in a conversation?
  • Experienced "SPEAKERS' BLOCK" when talking to someone else and had absolutely NOTHING to say while thinking, "What next? What next? What next?!"

I struggled with every single one of those things for years.

Instead of being able to have FUN and ENJOY myself when I was going out to socialize, I felt like I was being scrutinized by everyone.

All I would think is, "Don't mess up...don't mess up...don't mess up..." And I would freeze up, not be able to think of what I wanted to say...and then this WEIRD, BORING version of me would end up taking over...and I felt IGNORED, JUDGED, and looked down on instantly.

My biggest problem was not knowing what to say to keep a conversation going.

I had this "social gasoline tank" that would run EMPTY after a few minutes and I'd be standing alone while everyone else totally IGNORED me.


I tried out whatever I could to get past this. I read these books and articles and they really just pissed me off. It was like the authors weren't even in the same universe I was living in...they were WAY OFF with their advice.

They would say things like:

• Just be yourself in conversation - everything will take care of itself

• Just fake it 'til you make it

• Just ask lots of open-ended questions

• Just let them do all of the talking - all you need to do is talk about them

What a load of crap.

Truth is...None of that Stuff Will Ever Make a Dent in Your Social Skills. The Only Way to Get Better at Keeping Conversations Going is to Get Three Things Right...

feet-1042336_1920I tried all of the things I was told would work. And yet every single time I had a conversation with someone new, I crashed and burned.

And what really sucked was every time I tried out some new advice, I messed up even more. I was actually getting worse at talking to people.

So forget about the mainstream advice given to you for keeping a conversation going. It is a surefire recipe for DISASTER because those people JUST FLAT OUT DON'T GET IT.

Thankfully after investing thousands of hours into trying to figure all of this out, I met a few gentlemen who showed me the way. They pointed out everything I was doing wrong.

And eventually this led to my biggest insight into why I was struggling to keep conversations going and what I needed to fix...

It took me a LONG time to figure all of this out.

When I finally got really good at this, and I started sharing it with my friends (and eventually hundreds of my clients and customers), I realized no one was teaching all of this.

So if all of this is new to you, don't feel bad - I would have never learned it all by myself either.

How I Managed to Do it...and Why I Know for a FACT You Can Do it Too...

Here's the deal:

Right now you can master the art of keeping conversations going. And if you pay attention to what I'm about to tell you, you will get very VERY good at doing it.

Forget about finding topics you're both interested in. Forget about asking certain types of questions. Forget about what you're going to say when you open your mouth...

There are only 3 Things you need to master to get good at keeping conversations going.

That's it.

And until you learn what they are, how they work, and how to properly use them, you are going to struggle A LOT (just like I did)...

Core Skill #1: Digging into Their World

When you know the magic words to say to express the right amount of curiosity and fascination, you suddenly don't have to work very hard at all to keep a conversation going.

In fact, you can actually hang back and relax and let them do the work because this creates a natural, easy pathway for thinking of new things to talk about while keeping them fully engaged with you.


If you don't get this skill down, most people won't want to connect with you or invest much of their time with you. As a result, they won't really care about you. Sure, they might tell you things on the surface like, "Ohhh that's cool." But deep down...they won't really care because they're not getting enough genuine interest from you.

When you understand Digging into Their World, you avoid the DEADLIEST PROBLEM most people have that shuts down all conversations within nanoseconds. When you can sidestep that landmine, you're going to have a MUCH easier time clicking with someone you're chatting with.

Core Skill #2: Deep Listening

This gets mentioned a lot when learning how to improve your social skills.

We've all heard it before: "Make sure you're a good listener and pay attention" and blah blah blah whatever.

Anyone can be a "good listener." This skill is called DEEP Listening because it requires you to have a much deeper level of focus.

And once you know how to properly do this, you will NEVER be at a loss of words ever again. Your brain will actually GIVE you material based on what they are saying in a totally effortless way.

This is the secret to being an incredibly well-liked and admired person.

But if you don't know how to hone this skill the RIGHT way, you'll get trapped in "let them do all the talking" territory. You'll be branded as quiet and boring all over again. Not good.

Core Skill #3: Vibing

Vibing allows you to meet someone in their world and get synced up with how they like to talk. It allows you to have powerful conversations, make people want you to like them, and gives you the satisfaction of "getting into the zone" when you're talking.

This is when both of you are able to bounce ideas off each other, adding onto what the other is saying, and creating a FUN discussion that just builds and builds and builds...


Without having this concept available to you, you're going to miss out on a ton of fun. Even worse, you'll be a social BUZZKILL and not even know it. (In fact, if you've ever had someone COMPLETELY lose interest in you like they suddenly flicked a switch, I'd be willing to bet you simply messed up Core Skill #3.)

You Can Absolutely Solve Every Single Problem You Have with Keeping Conversations Going if You Get These Key Concepts Down. I Know This Because I've Seen it Happen Over and Over and Over...


Keeping Conversations Going 101

The "Must Have" Guide for eliminating awkward silence and maintaining endless conversations.

This is a JAM-PACKED video course unlike anything else you've ever learned about talking and connecting with other people.

Course Breakdown


  • 5 Key Mindsets that DEMOLISH any inner demons holding you back from perfecting the art of conversation
  • A HIGHLY UNUSUAL mental exercise that shows you how to access your own personal "Conversation Guru" and bring a whole 'nother side of you out when you're talking to people
  • How to create a comfortable platform you can come back to at any moment if you start losing steam and aren't sure what to say next
  • How to immediately fix any misunderstanding between you and another person
  • The #1 biggest inner block stopping you from exploring the HIDDEN DEPTHS of conversation
  • The 5 JUICIEST Conversation Categories you can utilize (and the most important one to specialize in)


  • A Proven Formula for digging into someone else's world and understanding them so it feels like you've known them your entire life
  • The 3rd Time is the Charm Technique: how to get someone SO FULLY ENGAGED in your conversation they completely lose track of time
  • The 6 Little Words that instantly inject life into any conversation and keep it flowing automatically
  • The Biggest Problem in Conversations: learn how to avoid the BIGGEST MISTAKE you can make in conversation that destroys any chance at connecting with someone (most are CLUELESS about this)
  • How to get someone ADDICTED to talking to you by giving them the ONE THING they BADLY WANT and yet no one ever gives them
  • The #1 most critical emotion you absolutely must master in order to drive conversations forward


  • How to master the art of listening so you are always LASER-focused on your conversation partner and able to tune out any outside noise
  • The Leroy Principle: the single most critical piece of making conversations work
  • The WIIFT Axiom: how to easily keep the person you're talking to EXCITED and CURIOUS as you get to know them
  • The 4 Horsemen of Conversation Devastation: the 4 things you can think that will bring about a bitter end to your conversation
  • A reality that if taken to heart, will eradicate the need to ever have to impress anyone - ever again
  • The Conversation Goblin: the single biggest distraction that transforms you into a terrible listener within nanoseconds


  • The 3 Secret Needs: learn what every person secretly needs in conversation and how to satisfy each person's own unique cravings. WARNING: this will lead to people going on and on without shutting up!
  • A POWERFUL way of talking you can tap into INSTANTLY that makes you the most EASY-GOING, COMFORTABLE guy people have ever spoken to. (The best part about this is you can learn it in 30 seconds and it even works with people that intimidate you!)
  • The Keystone of Vibing: how to add Nitrous Oxide to your conversations and go from barely clunking down the road to SCREAMING by at over 100 MPH.
  • How to determine what mode someone else is speaking in and adjust on the fly to instantly mesh with their thoughts
  • A simple way to connect and click with other people that smooths out any rough, awkward moments in conversation
  • Mini Crash Course on Sarcasm: you’ll learn when to recognize it and how to use it


  • Power Review: understand every concept in the course in one incredible review session
  • The 4 Stages of Competence: Abraham Maslow's keys to developing any skill - and how to crank your conversation skills up to a 10 for life
  • 3 Questions to Ask that keep you focused and calm moving forward

...And this is just a tiny preview of what you're going to learn in this transformative course.

Is This Course For Me?

This is a Beginner-Intermediate level course.

If you are already extremely talented with keeping conversations going, connecting with people on a high level, and maintaining chemistry throughout an entire afternoon or evening with someone, this program is NOT for you.

This course is for you if you struggle with knowing what to say and are looking to eliminate the self-consciousness, judgment, and fear that show up when socializing with others so you can actually ENJOY conversations again and have FUN talking to people.

This program is definitely for you if you're sick and tired of:

  • Uncomfortable awkward silence ruining your conversations
  • Feeling like what you're saying is forced, boring, dull, and unnatural
  • Running out of things to talk about after a few minutes and mentally checking out to avoid embarrassment
  • Being ignored in a group while other people break off into side-conversations
  • Shallow conversations that don't lead anywhere and when trying to go deeper, things just get weird

And more importantly...

  • Feeling LEFT OUT and ALONE (like you're on the other side of a glass wall) while others seem to be having all the fun

If you've had ENOUGH of all this FRUSTRATION, and you are ready to PERMANENTLY change the way you talk to other people, you are ready to take your skills to the next level.

What is Being Able to Keep All of Your Conversations Flowing and Having the Confidence to Interact with Just About Anyone Worth to You?

What if you always knew what to say next and had no problem maintaining conversations? What if you never again had to deal with awkward silence?

What if every single time you met a new person - whether at a party, networking event, backyard barbecue, bar, or night club - you never ran out of conversation gas. What if you could talk to that person all night long, neither of you realizing it's 5 in the morning and the sun's coming up?

How much is that even worth?

I've paid over $20,000 in social skill training alone (and that doesn't even include the other $40,000+ I've invested in my own personal development and growth). Some of what I learned was helpful...but a lot of it was JUNK. And the biggest reason why it's junk is because nothing made much of a difference for me.

red carEverything you will learn in this program has been TESTED and PROVEN to WORK. You get the benefit of all of my 10+ years of agonizing trial and error boiled down into one mega-focused course dedicated to getting YOU BETTER RESULTS in your social skills.

Completing this program is like getting strapped into a Ferrari, punching the gas pedal, and NEVER looking back.

I'm not going to charge you even half of what it cost me to learn this valuable skill.

And even though I charge private clients well over $500 to spend a few hours with me teaching these concepts, I'm not going to offer that price.

Right now you can get this program for a single investment of $99.97.

I Don't Want You to Have "Average" Results. I Want You to Permanently Erase any Problems You Have with Keeping Conversations Going. So You're Also Getting a Massively Powerful Workbook FREE

Mind & Hands-On Training Workbook

I'm positive you're going to get a TON of value going through the videos alone, but just to give you some extra fuel, I'm going to turbocharge your success with this transformational workbook. This has been designed for you to PERFECT the skill of keeping conversations going and eliminate any tiny little flaw preventing you from getting what you want.

This works BOTH on your mindset and on your technique to make darn sure you become unstoppably confident with nailing all of the concepts down.

AND on top of that I NEED to Make DAMN Sure You Have the Confidence to Not Just Try What I'm Teaching You But to Get Lasting Results That Transform You into a CONVERSATION MACHINE. So I'm Giving You Two More HUGE BONUSES

Bonus #1: Unshakable Swagger

This book is your complete field guide for dramatically overhauling your social confidence and charisma. It teaches you how to strategically build your confidence and sidestep the BS of fluffy "feel-good" advice saturating the market.

After reading Unshakable Swagger, you will possess the kind of rock-solid confidence other men secretly envy. You'll learn how to use your own natural personality to give off a "WOW" factor when other people meet you and transcend any limiting doubts, fears, or anxieties permanently.

Any time you start to feel like you're not confident enough, capable enough, worthy enough, good enough, strong enough...or just plain "ENOUGH" in general, crack open this book and you will instantly start shutting these lame inner demons down and feeling 10x better.

I stand by this book because I poured everything I had into writing it. You're not just getting some insanely good advice on naturally building confidence. You're getting my entire journey of pain, torment, and exasperation as I struggled to overcome my massive insecurities.

I've had tons of people tell me I need to charge more money for this than I do. And yet I'm giving it to you FOR FREE.

"I Am a Very Skeptical Person and Have to See it To Believe It..."

"Unshakable Swagger is the real deal. At first I was looking for a quick fix with instant results to become happier. Not only was that not the answer but only the tip of the ice berg compared to how far and in depth Unshakable Swagger will go. I am a very skeptical person and have to see it to believe it. After reading several pages and becoming hooked I realized how much it related to me. Certain points in the book made me stop and reminisce on certain points in my life because Byron perfectly described some of the most unforgettable awkward moments in my life, it was actually pretty painful to think about haha. Even for future occasions when I feel like I should retreat due to low confidence that day or what ever, I now cannot because I have to disprove a whole strong alpha male type mentality that has been drilled into my head from this book literally disproving all of my old flawed insecure logic, it is awesome. Seriously Byron, thank you."

United States

"This Book is My Guide and Companion for LIFE"

"My only regret about this book is that I wish I read Unshakable Swagger in my teens; it would have saved me so much wasted effort and time!  Because of Unshakable Swagger I learned how to walk like a man - shoulders back, lead with the hips, make some noise so the entire world can see, hear, and know that you are coming!  Being a man isn't about just owning fancy sports cars, sleeping with a lot of women, or about who you know.  It is about being confident in your true inner self so that you are the best you in EVERY situation.  This book is my guide and companion FOR LIFE!"

Los Angeles, CA

"For the First Time in My Life I'm Starting to Feel Like a Man and it's Because of Your Book"

Thank you so much for your book it changed my life. I really liked how you break down for me what confidence is not, and get at the root of the problem. And it's unlike any other pieces I've read that tell you to fake it till you make it or are more focused on getting girls, cars, and money. It taught me that my confidence is independent of others. My favorite part by far was definitely your explanation of not attaching your confidence to anything like clothes, groups, etc. I'm 21 and for the first time in my life, I'm starting to feel like a man and it's because of your book. I can't thank you enough."


Bonus #2: The Four Personalities

This comprehensive audio is your ticket to finally understanding what makes people tick, what makes them different, and how to click with every single one of them.

This is a GAMECHANGER and will forever alter the way you look to carry on conversations with others. If you've ever struggled building rapport with certain types of people, you're going to love what you get out of listening to this.

I once struggled mightily in connecting with Type-A, driven, loudmouth, aggressive people. I thought 'there is no way in hell I'm ever going to like these people!' And now many of them I consider my best friends. Knowing how to do this has allowed me to connect with the FULL spectrum of people out there - and by listening to this, you're going to be able too as well.

This is a critically important ingredient in your conversation toolkit because it shows you how to first identify who you're speaking to and how connect with them in a way that suits their individual needs. You'll discover that what works with one personality type WON'T work with the others - and knowing this will save you from lost friendships, relationships, and business contacts.

With All of This at Your Fingertips, You Can Kiss Your Problem Keeping Conversations Going GOODBYE FOREVER. But That's STILL NOT GOOD ENOUGH. So I'm Giving You This Too...

Let me make one thing extremely clear: you are not risking anything when you purchase this course.

You're getting:

1) The entire Keeping Conversations Going 101 course

2) The Keeping Conversations Going 101 Workbook

3) The Unshakable Swagger book

4) The Four Personalities audio

AND on top of all of that...

This course is backed by my Iron-clad 30 Day Guarantee...

My 30 Day Guarantee to You

I guarantee you will NOT find a better program out there on Keeping Conversations Going. But if for any reason you do not see a measurable increase in your conversation skills or are in any way unsatisfied with your investment, I am HAPPY to IMMEDIATELY refund your money.

You have 30 full days to test out what I teach and see if it works for you. If your conversations do not IMMEDIATELY improve after watching this course, I will send you back your investment in FULL - no questions asked.

I don't put anything out there that isn't the VERY BEST in what it does. I'm confident you're going to get MARKEDLY BETTER at keeping your conversations flowing.

I believe this program is the ULTIMATE training for taking your social skills to the next level. And if you don't learn this information right here, right now...hard truth is, you're probably never going to learn it.

What You Get

5 Jam Packed Videos (2 1/2+ Hours of Content)

Learn the anatomy of great conversation and understand what makes them crash and burn so you can sidestep the landmines that blow up your social interactions. A goldmine of focused strategies and best practices for nailing down the art of conversation once and for all.

Mind & Hands-On Training Workbook

Fix any problem or sticking point in your interactions by mastering the "Inner Game" and the "Outer Game" of keeping conversations going. This workbook will accelerate your results and get you mastering the art of socializing QUICKLY.

Unshakable Swagger

Get an ebook copy of my book Unshakable Swagger: The Man's Guide to Being Confident Any Time, Any Place...Period. Read this book to annihilate your insecurity, anxiety, and fear to transform into the powerful, confident man all women want.

The Four Personalities

This comprehensive audio teaches you the core differences between four main personality types. Your key to finally understanding what makes people tick, what makes them different, and how to click with every single one of them.

30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

Get my Iron-Clad guarantee that promises a full refund if for any reason you don't see huge improvements in your conversation skills.

Hold On...Let Me Sweeten the Deal for You Even More...

If you're one of the next 100 people to purchase this course, I'm going to give you one more HUGE BONUS for being an early customer and loyal supporter.

Instead of paying $99.97 for this course, you will pay only $99.97 $49.97!

Why am I doing this? What's the catch?

There's really not a catch. I just thought maybe you could help me out...

The price is so low (for now) because I want a testimonial from you! After you finish the course, tell me what you think. I want to hear from you.

I'm charging you less than what I know it's worth because I'm looking to hear a lot of stories from a lot of people very quickly. By lowering the price, I'm opening this up to more people and (therefore) more feedback. I read every single email I get and love seeing all of the ways my products are changing people's lives.

So the next 100 people that buy this will get it at a special price of $49.97.

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$99.97 $49.97

Beginner to Intermediate

You're going to start seeing some brand new results in your social life that will shock you. Believe me when I say: if I can do it, you can do it.

I used to really SUCK with talking to people. I've come a long way - and if you're thinking there's even the SLIGHTEST possible chance that this won't work for you, let me reassure you.

I've worked VERY HARD to make sure this entire system works like clockwork. If an awkward goofball like me can figure out how to keep conversations rolling, you better believe you can too.

And the best part is...everything in this program has been designed to be FAST, FUN, and EASY.

All you have to do is get started.

Looking forward to your success,


Remember: the $49.97 offer is valid for the next 100 customers ONLY. After that, the price will go up. So don't dilly dally and come back to this later because you will probably be paying more! Take action now!

$99.97 $49.97

Beginner to Intermediate