The Conversation Crash Course is a foundation program that teaches you quick, effective strategies for immediately improving your conversation skills. Watch this course to take a sizable leap from awkward to awesome with lessons ranging from meeting new people to creating lifelong connections.

Video Library

1) Starting Conversations

In video 1, you will learn exactly what to say to get conversations rolling. It focuses on walking up to people you don't know, introducing yourself, and engaging them without being awkward.

2) Keeping Conversations Going

In video 2, you will learn how to keep conversations going without running out of things to talk about. This video dives into the psychology behind conversation - what works, why it works, and how to make sure your social life flows smoothly.

3) Making Interesting Conversation

In this video you'll get access to my Conversation Toolkit and learn 5 strategies to keep the people you're talking to engaged with you throughout the discussion.

4) Creating Connections

Video 4 explains how to build the bridge from just meeting someone new to creating a deeper connection with them. You'll learn how to flirt with women and get their phone number without being creepy, how to really hit it off with someone and become lifelong friends, and how to start building your social circle.