Frequently Asked Questions

Is your 30 day moneyback guarantee for real? +

Yes. If you buy any product and are unsatisfied with it or feel it isn't helping you enough, simply shoot an email to and let us know you'd like your money back. No games. No hassles. We're committed to these products transforming your life - and if they're not getting it done, you deserve to have your investment refunded.

I forgot my password! +

Please go here to reset your password. You can also fill out the form to the right or email us at

I forgot my username! +

No problem. You can also login using your email address. If you're still unable to login, feel free to email us at so we can find it for you.

I can't login! +

If you purchased a product and haven't been able to successfully login yet, please fill out the form to the right. We'll get you setup ASAP.

If you have been able to successfully login before, and can no longer login (or if you're getting a 503 error), you may have a dynamic IP address problem. If you see the message "Too many IP addresses accessing one secure area" try setting up a static IP address.

In the mean time, fill out the form to the right and we'll get you a new username and password.

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