awkward silence in conversation

Awkward Silence in Conversation (Explained)

  The conversation was going perfectly. You just finished a riveting story about saving a stray cat’s life in the parking lot of a TGI Friday’s. And yet now…things have slowed down to a crawl. Neither of you can think of what to stay next…and suddenly you’ve completely run out of ideas… In today’s episode…

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signs she wants you to make a move

3 Sneaky Signs She Wants You to Make a Move

Have you ever hesitated to make a move on a girl because you weren’t sure if she was ready for it? Honest to God, during the first date with my wife, I fell into this problem. She ended up kissing me because she got tired of making it so glaringly obvious. If you’re like me,…

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keeping conversations going

My Unique Strategy for Keeping Conversations Going

I used to hate getting my hair cut at the barber. It was always an awkward experience. We wouldn’t have much in common or any reason to talk besides “soooo…what’ll it be today?” He might ask me a few questions about what I do for a living (and I would just give him the same…

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extroverts vs introverts

Extroverts Versus Introverts (Infographic)

Who wins – extroverts or introverts? Check out this infographic to learn more about the war between the two personality types and see who comes out on top. Click on the infographic below to view a condensed version. So who do you think wins? Ultimately, it depends on context. We all have different strengths and weaknesses.…

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being more charismatic

1 Tip For Being More Charismatic

  Here is one quick tip for being more charismatic? In this video, I reveal one of my favorite tips for becoming more interesting – and it’s doable within 30 days. Watch this youtube video to learn how. Do you want to become more charismatic? My Free Conversation Crash Course gives you tools, techniques, and strategies…

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does having a relationship make you happy

Does Having a Relationship Make You Happy?

  Does having a relationship make you happy? In this video, I answer a quick question from Quora and reveal what truly impacts your happiness the most. Do you want to attract a relationship? My Free Conversation Crash Course teaches you how to flirt without being creepy and demonstrate massive value to others. If you’d…

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emotional attraction signs

Emotional Attraction Signs (Explained)

  The sexual attraction is there. You have the physical chemistry. But you want to know is there a deeper connection here? Is there a possibility for them to be emotionally attracted to you? In today’s episode of Your Social Skills Explained, I’m going to give you 3 signs to pay attention to let you…

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why are men jerks

Why Are Men Jerks (Explained)

  So you’re tired of dating guys who are not exactly Prince Charming. Or you’re sick of hearing women whine and complain about dating guys who are not exactly Prince Charming. And you want to know why does it seem like men are so rude? Is it something in our DNA? Is it how we’re…

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how to relieve stress

One Little Routine I Use to Relieve Stress

How often does your mind get so worked up and anxious that you can’t sleep, can’t focus, or can’t find any time to relax during the day? This happened to me constantly and I tried doing all I could to relieve stress. But nothing was working – the more I tried to just “take my…

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what does a charismatic person do

What Does a Charismatic Person Do When He Walks into a Room?

  What does a charismatic person do when he walks into a room? In this video, I answer a common question from reddit with a story and a suggestion for overhauling your mindset when it comes to walking into a new event. Do you want to get more charismatic? My Free Conversation Crash Course teaches you…

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