About Me

Hi there. I thought I'd take a second to introduce myself and answer the question, "Who is Byron Van Pelt?"


I'm a Certified Life Coach, author, and entrepreneur. I'm happily married living in Florida and passionate about helping people build their social skills in order to make better connections.


But it wasn't always like this for me. I used to SUCK at talking to people.


I spent a lot of time alone. I was never invited to parties or events. I couldn't start a conversation or keep it going for the life of me.


I felt like there was this giant concrete wall between me and making friends, meeting women, and getting on with my life. I watched other people have all the fun on Facebook and was constantly reminded that while I was at home on a Friday night, they definitely weren't.


I could feel my life passing by as I just sat and watched from the outside.


One night I decided to figure out how to break out of this shell and began a journey to become socially confident - OR BUST.


I went and read every "small talk" book and article I could get my hands on. I went to every seminar I could find. I tried hypnotherapy, audio programs, communication workshops, and none of it really worked for me. Most of it just seemed superficial and shallow.


It wasn't until I moved to Los Angeles and put myself into a situation where I HAD to get good at meeting and talking to people did I start getting results. It was BRUTAL. The only type of job I could get into with my experience was sales - so I started going door to door selling whatever I could to whoever would buy it. I forced myself to attend several local networking events and meet at least 20 new people a week. At one point I was working three different sales jobs, doing just enough to survive. The pressure to meet and connect with new people was on daily and it forced me to get better.


But my big break came from stumbling onto a different job and meeting guys who were FREAKISHLY GOOD in connecting with people. And I noticed they were saying and doing things COMPLETELY differently than what I thought would work.


When I started hanging out with them in diners or coffee shops they would challenge me to walk up to strangers and talk to them. After I would crash and burn, they showed me everything I was doing wrong.


They fixed my awkward body language, showed me how to eliminate my weird facial expressions, helped me shift my boring tone of voice, and explained every single mistake I was making in conversation.


After screwing up over and over again and then trying things their way, I was SHOCKED with the results. For the first time in my life, I felt like people were listening to me when I spoke. Instead of feeling ignored or judged, I felt like I was creating real chemistry with them. Over time, I transformed myself from an awkward, quiet, introverted guy into a naturally outgoing, socially confident guy.


So I decided to take all of the charisma, confidence, and conversation savvy I learned and put it into a system that WORKS. You can check it out right here on ConversationBlueprint.com.


Here's the deal: if I was able to make this kind of a change, I know you can too. It seems just like yesterday I believed I was destined to be alone. The biggest thing I've realized is that getting good at having conversations is a SKILL. If you know how to do it the RIGHT way, YOU can get really good at it too.


Once you realize exactly where you are making mistakes, how you're approaching people the wrong way, and what is holding you back, you start getting better at keeping conversations going. And the fun part is...you can pick this up FAST.


Why Should You Believe I Can Help You?

I can't help everyone. But if you have ever been challenged with:

>> Starting conversations

>> Keeping conversations going

>> Being interesting in conversation/keeping others' attention when you talk

>> Knowing how and where to meet new people

>> Creating a connection to stay in touch with people

>> Getting rejected or judged when you talk


...then I highly recommend trying my books and programs. They all come with an ironclad, complete money back guarantee. You don't have to believe I can help you. I encourage you to TRY my methods out in the real world. Experiment with what you learn and if you don't get results IMMEDIATELY, you can return what you bought for a complete refund - no questions asked.


The ONLY thing I care about is results. I don't like things to take forever - I want stuff to work FAST - and that's why I designed everything here to do just that.


 If you haven't already, be sure to check out what I teach for free with the Conversation Crash Course. It's a FREE 2 hour video course that teaches you how to start conversations, keep them going, and create lasting connections with people you meet. Watch this free course right now to get a feel for how I teach and to get some immediate results in your conversation skills.




I hope you get a TON of value from my programs and see immediate changes show up for you in your social skills and confidence. I wish you the best in your journey,

- Byron