signs she wants you to make a move

3 Sneaky Signs She Wants You to Make a Move

Have you ever hesitated to make a move on a girl because you weren’t sure if she was ready for it?

Honest to God, during the first date with my wife, I fell into this problem. She ended up kissing me because she got tired of making it so glaringly obvious.

If you’re like me, the reason you probably hold back is because you don’t want to offend her. You don’t want to come off as a creep or a jackass…and let’s face it, swinging and missing can be embarrassing.

So how do you know she wants you to make a move?

Here are 3 sneaky signs she wants you to make a move – pay attention and you’ll know you have the green light.

I just wish I knew this a LONG time ago.

Sneaky Sign 1: Brushing Up Against You

Physical touch is probably the most dead giveaway.

And you’re smart enough to know that if she’s touching you constantly, she’s interested in you.

But women are often way more subtle.

Many women (especially shy women) like to take their time physically warming up to you. But if there is a lot of interest, they will find clever ways to initiate physical contact.

Brushing up against you a few times is one of the sneakiest signs she wants you to make a move.

It’s subtle enough to not be obvious but clear enough to be a signal. If she’s brushing up against you more than once, it means she’s comfortable with physical contact.

Now, she might accidentally brush up against you…but if this happens repeatedly…I say it’s time to make a move.

Sneaky Sign 2: Looking at Your Lips

As the old saying goes: the eyes are the window to the soul.

They are a very important part of studying body language because they let you know what someone else is thinking about.

That’s why getting caught staring at her cleavage can be pretty brutal.

So when there is a gap in the conversation and her focus begins drifting downward toward your mouth, she’s thinking about lips.

Which means she wants you to kiss her, dummy!

The next time you’re unsure if she’s ready to be kissed, start by paying more attention to where her eyes are going. If she’s giving you plenty of eye contact and is checking out your lips (or other parts of your body), you better take it as a HUGE sign she wants you to make a move!

Sneaky Sign 3: Leaning Over You

This is similar to sneaky sign #1 but warrants its own attention.

Remember that women are very picky with physical contact. If they are NOT interested in a guy, they will naturally avoid making contact with him. They might even go as far as turning their body AWAY from him to prevent any sort of physical connection.

But on the other hand, if she is going out of her way to initiate some kind of touch, you’re in great shape.

One of the easiest ways of checking this is to put yourself in between her and something valuable to her.

I got this idea from this article. And it’s brilliant:

Place yourself in between her and her purse. If she leans over you to get something out of it, she is giving you an obvious sign she wants you to make a move.

Think about it: she could have asked you to hand it to her, asked you to get the item out of the purse for her, or walked around you to pick it up.

But she chose to lean over you – to get right up in your physical space. This is no accident and there is NO WAY she would be doing this if she wasn’t ready for you to make a move.

So go for it!

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