How to Fix the Biggest Mistakes You Make in Talking and Connecting with People (for FREE!)


Video 1: Starting Conversations

In video 1, you'll learn exactly what to say to get conversations rolling. This part of the course focuses on walking up to people you don't know, introducing yourself, and engaging them without being awkward. You'll learn how to build the mindset necessary to meet new people, the proper approach to take based on which environment you're in, and 3 easy strategies for meeting people wherever you go.

By the time you are done watching video 1, you will see immediate improvements in your social skills. You will feel more confident and at ease with meeting new people and getting conversations started.

  • My 8 Word Opener: the easiest method of introducing yourself to anyone you want to meet (that works every single time)
  • The 4 Biggest Myths of Starting Conversations: how to create the right mindset so meeting people becomes effortless and fun
  • Setting the Stage: the unique recipe for avoiding rejection and getting your conversations started without judgment
  • The Open Environment Strategy: 3 low-pressure, easy techniques for meeting people in public areas
  • The 3 Step Conversation Blueprint: my unique process you can use to naturally keep a conversation flowing (fully scripted out for you)
  • Turning the Table: a vital strategy for applying just the right amount of PRESSURE so the person you're talking to works to keep the conversation flowing
  • The "Get Them to Open up to You" Questions: two simple questions you can ask to unlock a person's desire to open up to you immediately
  • The Most Powerful Question You Can Ask: how to transition from small talk to a deeper level by simply asking one question

Video 2: Keeping Conversations Going

In video 2, you will learn how to keep conversations going without running out of things to say and facing awkward silence. This video dives into the psychology behind conversation - what works, why it works, and how to make sure your conversations flow smoothly.

You'll also learn what to say to get your conversation started off on the right foot, how to find and connect on shared interests, and the biggest mistakes you can make when talking to other people that KILL conversation flow. When you finish video 2 you will have a deeper understanding of the way conversations work by knowing what to say and what NOT to say when you're talking to other people.


Video 3: Making Interesting Conversation

Video 3 explains how to make your conversations more interesting so you can keep who you're talking to engaged with you. You'll learn how to switch up what "conversation mode" you're in to liven up the discussion, keep it from getting boring, and add just the right amount of spice and variety to keep people on their toes.

After finishing video 3, you'll know why you've been struggling with making fun, engaging conversations and how to avoid boring, shallow discussions that don't lead anywhere exciting. This is a game changer because it will unlock a flood of new ideas for you to try out and have fun utilizing.

  • The Zoom Out Technique: my personal favorite tool I use in conversation to get into a rhythm and find things to talk about quickly
  • The Ultimate Cheat Sheet: a list of carefully selected conversation topics you should use to keep what you're talking about fun and interesting
  • Identity Shifting: how to use the power of "pretending" to create fascinating, engaging conversations with whoever you desire
  • The Biggest Reason Why We Struggle: the #1 root cause of why your conversations are not compelling and fun (and what to do about it)
  • The 2 Part Connection Formula: the only 2 things you need to really connect with someone (fully explained and boiled down to a science)
  • A Proven Gameplan for Creating Lifelong Friendships that works even if you're not really friends with anyone now
  • The "What to Say to Get Her Number" Script: exactly what to say to get her phone number (and how to get her to answer when you call!)
  • A Relaxed Flirting Strategy: how to flirt with a woman so you stand out from other men and have her feel comfortable around you

Video 4: Creating Connections

Video 4 explains how to build the bridge from just meeting someone new to creating a deeper connection with them that has you both staying in touch. You'll learn how to flirt with women and get their phone number without being creepy, how to really hit it off with someone and become lifelong friends, and what to do today to start clicking with more people.

After finishing video 4, you'll overcome the biggest barrier between you and having a solid social circle of dates, friends, and social contacts. You'll be able to go out, start a conversation with anyone you would like, know what to say to keep it going, and create some real chemistry that will transform your phone number into one they never want to lose.


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